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Individual Project Advantages

The experience and best practices of leading legal firms are embodied in LEXIA. Since 2008 our team painstakingly gathers experience in managing legal companies of various specializations and constantly improves our system. Our implementation services is in the sharing of the accumulated experience with our Client, improvement legal companyís business processes and ensuring the effective operation at the technological and organizational level. The implementation project is divided into 5 stages:

1. Research

At the research stage, the Client's tasks are analyzed. The goals of the project and the creation of a concept system are detailed. Creates a description of the changes that need to be made in the system or the decision to start using LEXIA without making any changes.

2. Setting up the functionality

At the stage of the setting up necessary conversion is implemented, which was determined at the research stage. Integration with the site, accounting systems, data import, additional reports are working on. Based on the Client's tasks, the rules of the work in LEXIA system for lawyers are created.

3. Training

At the training legal firmís staff learns to work in the customized LEXIA. The training program is specifically designed for different categories of employees: partners, lawyers, assistants, paralegals. At the end of the stage, training's effectiveness is analyzed.

4. Pilot operation

At this stage, the staff of the law firm is accompanied by a dedicated specialist from our implementation team, who has detailed information about the specifics of your project and the individual improvements completed. During the pilot operation phase, we help your employees to adapt to the new system quickly and comfortably, and all consultations are provided immediately on-line.

Final stage

At the final stage Customer satisfaction survey is conducted. The analysis of achievement of the goals and results of the project is being carried out.

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