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LEXIA is a system for the effective management of a law firm

Users love LEXIA's interface

Enjoy working with LEXIA’s simple interface. Any information and feature will be found and quickly, it is equally convenient to work with LEXIA on a computer, tablet and smartphone. Due to the contextual output of information on the screen, there will always be only those data that are important for the current task, focusing you on the essence.

LEXIA Overview

LEXIA is an effective tool to manage all processes in legal company in project management, billing, legal marketing and business development

  • Legal Project Management

    Keep a record of all stakeholders, key persons and documents of the cases. Manage time frames and project’s results.

    Calculate the profitability for each case and for the company generally. Plan and monitor lawyers and working groups activities. Carry out analysis of the results of completed projects.

  • Law Firm Time Management

    Plan and monitor the performance of tasks for each lawyer. Manage the time frames of the legal company and list of tasks by the priority.

    Keep a calendar of court sessions and plan the working day for lawyers. Analyze the workload of all employees and the effectiveness of lawyers.

  • Law Firm Workflow Management

    Store all documents in one place, linked to clients, projects, and lawyers. Use processes module to coordinate and sign documents..

    Keep records about work with documents, use the version of the file and a convenient contextual search for documents.

  • Law Firm Financial Management

    Manage cash flows. Create accounts using standard templates in LEXIA, based on the information already available in the system: projects and clients. The system will form a printed form of the account, remind about payment date approach the responsible employee, which will allow to establish a simple and efficient process of working with finances.

    Analyze the flow of funds in the context of partners, projects and lawyers, evaluate the effectiveness and profitability. LEXIA will show you the most optimal ways to improve the efficiency of financial management of the company.

  • Law Firm Activity Analytics

    Analyze the activity of your law firm in all aspects of legal practice. Monitor profitability and efficiency. Use the knowledge we have accumulated to improve the work of your law firm.

    Analytics built-in module get information about the efficiency of the company in on-line mode and allow carry out corrective actions.

  • Communications Management

    Interact with customers and colleagues, without breaking away from the current tasks - in the communication panel you can make calls, process unread mail and visualize documents.

    Call customers and take calls directly to the LEXIA system. The function of telephony will allow you to account the time of telephone consultation within the subscriber service or project, and the function of listening to records of conversations will allow you to monitor the quality of work of lawyers.

  • LEXIA Mobile Application

    Access all basic customer information from your mobile device. You can work with contacts and contractors: add new contacts, send SMS to customers or call directly from the mobile application.

    Manage projects, have access the calendar of court sessions, plan tasks, meetings or calls, record the results and synchronize your actions with colleagues with your smartphone or tablet.

  • Knowledge Management

    Group an extensive catalog of knowledge base articles to quickly find popular documents and publications. Arrange tags and cross-references between articles for easy searching.

    Accumulate the experience of the company with each project and create solutions schemes for typical tasks, instructions for new employees, document templates, presentations and answers for FAQ’s.

  • Law Firm Customer Base

    Create a single database of contacts and contractors for your company. LEXIA stores contact information with addresses, career and profiles in social networks, the structure of organizations and relationships within holdings.

    Get additional contact information and companies from Facebook and Twitter trough the integration. Information about the client in the social network is available in one click. Group contacts and contractors to build relationships with customers based on the complete history of your communication.

  • Synchronization and Import

    Synchronize your mail, calendar, and contacts with your Google account. Two-way integration allows you not to switch between applications to send mail or work with the calendar.

    Synchronize LEXIA with your account system to ensure integration of your financial service. Synchronize mail, contacts, tasks and schedule with MS Exchange, and also download information in LEXIA from MS Excel.

LEXIA Legal Professional Software

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The legal company needs a tool to effectively organize the accounting of lawyers' working hours, manage legal projects, billing, generate reports and accounts for clients, manage the finances of a law firm and analyze the effectiveness of lawyers. Law firm management program LEXIA covers all processes, from legal project management and billing to legal marketing and business development. Management of legal business with LEXIA is an increase in the number of paid hours due to optimization of business processes and effective time management of lawyers.